Runescape: Shielding Your OSRS Account From Real World Thieves

Also, you may very well be liable for legal action if you happen to do so. There is no enjoyment in getting accounts illegally, and it is morally flawed. We love Runescape. It’s an excellent game and there’s at all times a lot to do. We’ve got to protect our accounts from these hacking teams, so our team went undercover into one of those password-stealing scams.

However, there are people out there who’re too lazy to do the work for themselves. Previously, and sooner or later, we’ll write about so many ideas and tips that you’ll be a world famous player in case you comply with all of them. We discovered the top ways in which they work, and we’ll list some methods you possibly can protect yourself. If you are ever requested to take part in helping to steal Runescape passwords, please report it to Jagex immediately.

Some of you reading this article could have had your Runescape account stolen by hackers and thieves.

Ways To Protect Your OSRS Account From Hackers

1.) Don’t ever inform someone your password.

2.) Your account will never be locked in 24 hours if you do not provide your password.

3.) Only login to Runescape on the official RuneScape site. The only person who would ask is someone stealing accounts.

4.) Get an anti-virus software program, even a free one.

5.) Get an anti-spyware program, even whether it is free. Remember, they have your password already on their server, so why would they need to ask? Check the tackle bar each time you play. Not only will this protect your account, it’s going to protect your computer.

6.) Get keylogger protection. All you need to do to get that free stuff is to ship an electronic mail to that email address, or fill out a type on a web site with some info.

7.) Don’t go for scams that say that they will provide you with tons of free objects, or free gold. Don’t go for the email scams either. By emailing a sure electronic mail handle that, in fact, belongs to Jagex, you will get some gold, or gadgets, or someone else’s account password. In fact, you examine the site out. The positioning says that Jagex or Runescape has a vulnerability of their email system.

Here’s what an uninformed Runescape participant would possibly do. Let’s evaluate the e-mail scam in detail. Lavasoft does this, but if you can get a particular program for stopping keyloggers, your Pc will be loads safer. You go to a website that says that they can get you tons of free gold and items at no risk at all.

This email or kind always incorporates your username and password, and perhaps it comprises how a lot of gold you need, or which items you need, or the person’s account identify whose password you need. The scammer will then accumulate the data as fast as attainable, and log in to your account! When you fill out the type or ship the e-mail, you are truly sending it to a scammer. Here’s what’s actually occurring.

Don’t waste all of your exhausting work by falling for one of those foolish tricks. If in case you have an excessive degree character, they could change the e-mail and password that the account is registered to, and begin to play below your account. Then, they’ll proceed to empty it completely of something helpful. Remember to stay secure whereas enjoying the game. After you email the information, you may get the stuff in your account that you just requested. Boom. You have no proof that that was your account to start with, and all your exhausting work is gone. There are slight variations on this scam.

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