OSRS Needing Desert Treasure

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Exit the cave and run the winch bucket controller to select the barrel outside. Inform the cart driver there will be a prison riot in ten minutes and to get his cart out of there. Move toward the south by following the footprints of Ava and you will reach a mercenary captain. Inform the captain which you can do anything to him, even the mining. He will ask you to bring the head of Al Zaba Bhasim. Inform him that you’re such a humorous captain that can not even fight his own battle.
The Tourist Trap osrs quest
From that point onwards you will not get into any combat, hence it is advised to deposit your armour in bank to help save you inventory distances. Also, once you’ve killed the Captain you’ll come here to kill him and get the key with of the dialogue. In the event you get busted they’ll require you to the desert and take all but one Waterskin. Follow the trail of footprints through the desert to the Desert Mining Camp. Speak to Irena only south of Shantay Pass and she will tell you about her daughter Ana who has not returned from a trip to the desert. Agree to assist her head south to find some footprints. This is best guide shows you the way to quest in osrs with the smallest amount of skilling/grinding.

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