Old School Runescape Dorgeshuun

Trade him and buy the bone bolts he is selling in addition to the bone packs. Do not buy too many of them at the same time, since the price of those items will go up as you are buying them. After you buy a few, jump worlds and repeat the process.
He’ll tell you the Dorgeshuun are now peaceful and the Lumbridge kitchen scare was an crash. You will also learn about the goblins’ backstory. Follow Mistag and he will take you back to Lumbridge. Report this to Sigmund and then to the duke.
Make your way to the next floor of Lumbridge castle, and talk to Sigmund. He will ask you to go around and ask people if they understood what occurred in the basement. Input the Lumbridge Castle basement through the kitchenand go to the rear of the room to observe a large pile of rubble blocking a hole in the wall. Attempt to crack through the rubble By utilizing your pickaxe on it. When you have managed to clear the rubble, spark your light source and squeeze yourself through the pit.
Go in the cellar, ensuring you have a pickaxe, a lit lantern, and a tinderbox. Learn more about Fletching OSRS Guide here. Food is also recommended, because you could get hit by falling rocks if you go the wrong way. Before wandering into the maze, go south to a feeble wall and clear the hole.
Pickpocket Sigmund to get a key and unlock the chest located in another room to find some H.A.M. robes; retain these, since you’ll need it for the sequel quest. Talk with the Duke until you depart and he will tell you he will watch on Sigmund. When you get to the end, you’ll come across the Dorgeshuun tribe.
OSRS Quest The Lost Tribe
The signing will begin using a cutscene in the Lumbridge dining space, together with you and Mistag as witnesses. During the cutscene you’ll see Sigmund out, saying that the goblins will soon be destroyed. Light your light source, then squeeze through, catch the brooch, and return. The list might need to be upgraded as more quests are employed.

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