How To Make OSRS Gold At Low Level

Playing Old-School RuneScape for the first time may not be the most enjoyable part of the game. The main reason is it might take you a while to start earning some real OSRS gold that you can use.

While there are some things in the game that can give you the opportunity to earn RuneScape gold, it might not fulfill your need to earn significant amounts of gold right away. When you don’t really have the necessary skill and your character is at a low level, don’t get easily frustrated because there are still some ways you can do to earn yourself OSRS gold.

Kill Chickens In OSRS

Killing innocent chickens may not be the most ethical thing to do to earn money in an online game, but this method is the best option because it can be done by any one. All you have to do is go kill some chickens with your weapon on-hand and you can keep doing this for as long as you want.

There is no level required to do this, however, the OSRS gold you will acquire isn’t that significant compared to the other options that you might have if you have a maxed main or a high-level RuneScape character.

This method is also a great way to kill some time. Killing chickens in Gielinor is still a good option if you need OSRS gold ASAP. You also can buy OSRS gold from reputable RS gold selling sites like Probemas to get your gold fast and easy.

runescape chicken
RuneScape Chicken

Sell What You Got

So how do you get your OSRS gold from killing chickens?

Chickens in OSRS can provide you with raw chicken meat, bones, and feathers when they die which you can sell to vendors or your fellow RuneScape players.

Bones and raw chicken needs to occupy a slot for each item in your inventory, while feathers can be stacked together. If you don’t have enough capacity for these items, then you might have to run to your bank often to sell your loot before you start killing chickens again.

Where To Kill Chickens In Gielinor

The best place for killing chickens is the location across the bridge from Lumbridge castle and up the path to the north. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a potato field, the chicken coop will be on the left. There will be dozens of chicken there for you to kill there so you can collect several OSRS items for you to sell and earn OSRS gold.

Final Thoughts About Killing Chicken In OSRS

If you do this for about an hour, you can get around 50,000 worth of OSRS gold. Of course, doing this method repeatedly can be boring to you after some time, but it does help to increase your attack skill as well.

Also, before I forget, there’s another good way to earn some OSRS gold and that is to actually level up your skills. This can be quite profitable if done right. Make sure to prioritize your skills in Farming, Slaying, Thieving, Runecrafting, and Hunter. If you want a steady source of OSRS gold you can also improve your Fishing, Mining, and Woodcutting skills.

Killing chickens can definitely help you level up but it will not be that quickly so don’t rely on it that much. The good thing about it is you can still grind out some gold from the chickens and on your way back to sell the loot you could still kill some other RuneScape enemies to increase your level and gain the necessary experience.

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